Inflatable Solar Light Lamp with Handle For Hiking Travel Outdoor Portable led Lamp Waterproof Lantern Camping Light

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Solar Powered Bright White Inflatable Light: Fast Shipping

Product Features:

  • A wonderful, versatile, fun, solar light
  • Sustainable energy, solar powered. Place in full sunlight for 5 hours for a full charge. 
  • Beautiful bright light, 3 way dimmer switch
  • Time-span per solar charge:  3-4 hours
  • Inflatable, collapsible, lightweight and fully waterproof.

1. Size: about 30cm high
2. Brightness: Approx. 50 Lumens to illuminate 100-150 sq. ft 
3. Solar Charge: completely Solar Powered. Charging within 8 hours of normal day light
4. Solar Panel: 5V/100mA /0.5w
5. Solar Panel Size: 80 x 80mm
6. Li-battery: 3.7V/1000mAh Lithium Polymer
7. lights: 10 LED bulbs
8. Charge Time: 8 Hours
9. Working Time: 3-5 Hours
10. Accessories: Inflatable plastic light, and inflator
11. Material: PVC 
12. Waterproof: IP65 
13. Temperature: heat range is up to +50°C 
14. Rechargeable lithium polymer battery pack;
-300-500 cycle life. Over charge/ discharge protection
-Over current and short circuit protection 
15. Energy & Space Saving! Retains a 50% of charge for 1 year if inactive 
16. Charge in both direct sunlight and incandescent light 
17. Setting: adjustable, more than one brightness setting.